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Current Portfolio Lineup

The following investments are what I currently own and am actively managing in my portfolio. For full details about each one, see the following lectures for in-depth analysis about why I bought them, what entry points I acquired them, what my targets are for each, and the stops. This page offers a quick daily synopsis of how the entire portfolio has performed. I began the majority of my purchases at or near the bottom of the market starting on March 10, 2020. Over the next 3 months, the majority of these positions were added to, some were sold, and others were required after realizing I sold out early. A few issues not listed here were bought and sold within weeks, with returns ranging from -20% to +57%. In fact, had I not sold anything, all of them would have been in profit position, some with nearly 137% gains. My impatience and haste was indeed costly.

As of June 9, the overall portfolio is up 23.86% for an annualized rate of 135.37%.

CAN Stocks

USA Stocks